Living International Art Consulting has a successful track record in selecting artists and specific works that financially and art historically gain importance over time.

We negotiate purchases of individual works and build collections for both new and experienced individual collectors and corporations.

Our services include:

Knowledge and Research.  Before purchasing works, educate clients on art historical significance. Identify emerging artists prior to their widespread recognition in the market. For historical works, research importance in oeuvre, provenance and condition of works under consideration.

Analysis. Provide information on market trends. Determine potential for appreciation of individual works or bodies of work within an oeuvre. Support recommendations with database research to assess value.

Confidentiality/Discretion. Maintain anonymity when preferred. Offer assistance in building visibility when desired. No conflicts of interest.

Collection management. Offer introductions to experts in fields of framing, packing, shipping, delivery, installation, storage, insurance, collection-related tax and estate planning, appraisal and conservation.

Relationships. Cultivate relationships with key galleries, dealers and other collectors on behalf of clients Build and service relationships with curators and institutions for lending and donation purposes.

Art Education. Guide groups through art fairs, galleries, private collections and artists studios. Please email for information on upcoming tours and lectures or to schedule a private art experience.

Appraisal services. Appraise Early 20th century, Modern and Contemporary art. USPAP certified.